Contamination Control for Data Centres

The threat posed by contamination to the equipment within data centres isn’t as obvious as that of a power outage. Yet in reality the effects can be just as devastating, with outcomes ranging from reduced power efficiency to unexpected equipment failure. This is increasingly recognised by equipment vendors who are starting to use evidence of insufficient data centre cleanliness as a reason to void warranties.

While it’s entirely possible to prevent the damaging effects of contamination, it takes expertise to do so. It is therefore essential to work with a specialist data centre cleaner rather than risk the false economy of a general purpose cleaner or even a DIY approach.

Contamination affecting ICT comes in two forms – particulate matter (PM) and gaseous. External sources include cars, electricity generation, sea salt, natural and artificial fibres, plant pollens and wind-blown dust. Internal examples are particles from air conditioning unit fanbelt wear, toner dust, packaging and construction materials, human hair and clothing, and zinc whiskers from electroplated steel floor plates

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